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Selah’s body contouring program will start by providing a free initial consultation using a 3-D body scan with a Styku machine to provide baseline body composition results. Then with the Lipomelt system we will provide a series of treatments to help melt fat in the desired target areas, increase collagen and elastin to provide toning and tightening of the skin, and to decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Healthy, Effortless Results

Using the power of the latest and most advanced technology in non-invasive body contouring Selah’s Lipomelt system is the natural and healthy way to inch loss in the waist, buttocks, hips, thighs, upper legs and arms. It also will tone and tighten the skin of the face and neck for a non-surgical Facelift result.

No-Pain- No Surgery- No Downtime

The best part about the Lipomelt treatment is that there are no side effects! There is no bruising, swelling, burning, pain or anesthesia required. Each treatment only takes a few minutes and can easily be incorporated into your busy day.

Selah’s Lipomelt treatments are the safest and least invasive way to sculpt the body.

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